Two women in culinary school meet in an Italian cuisine course and realize that they are destined for friendship and success. Bonding over the city they’re from and their shared passion for food and being in the kitchen, Chef Stella expressed her desire to open an eatery while Chef Mazie spoke about her aspirations in baking and opening a catering company. Thus, Stella’s and Mazie’s was born on Capitol Avenue in Hartford, Connecticut. The international meals come easy for Chef Stella as she is an avid traveler. The wide-ranging flavors of cornbread and desserts all come from Chef Mazie’s creativity and time spent having fun in her kitchen.

The Future of Something Good 

Stella's Eatery and Mazie's Catering are only the beginning for the Something Good company; stay tuned for updates on how you can not only eat and cater something good, but also wear and do something good.

461 Capitol Avenue Hartford, CT 06106 (860) 308-2175